Production/Media Ministry

The Production/Media Ministry exists to set a high standard of excellence for each member during worship experiences and special events throughout the church. 

Greeters Ministry

The greeters welcome all who come into the church with excitement to feel loved, valued, significant, comforted, and most of all, welcome. "With a hug, smile, handshake, or sweet compliment to brighten their day."

Music Ministry

The Music and Worship team leads the people of God in praise and worship and provides a place of expression for people of all ages whom He has gifted in singing and playing instruments.

Praise Priest (Dance) Ministry

The Praise Priest leads the people of God into His transforming presence through spontaneous and choreographed praise, warfare, travailing, celebration, and worship dance. The dancers are anointed and appointed to free the captives, and deliverance and praise manifest.

Ushers Ministry

The Ushers delight in serving, greeting guests, and helping people during a worship experience. Guests and new disciples are often intimidated by our church's size, especially seeing so many strangers. Through loving service, ushers will soothe your fears and help you feel welcomed, safe, and at home.