Pastoral Care Ministry

The Pastoral Care Ministries are an extension of our pastors who minister the Word of God to our members. To facilitate other congregational needs, the Pastoral Care team is present as prayer counselors during altar calls, baptism, intercessory prayer, grief, shut-ins, weddings, hospital, nursing homes, Ministry to our seniors, and in benevolence ministry, offering themselves as willing servants of God.

Hospitality Ministry

The Hospitality and Culinary Ministry exists to serve wholesome and nutritious food. It oversees the operation, use, cleanliness, and maintenance of the church kitchen and equipment. Upon request from other ministries, it provides food for all special occasions, whether a full dinner or repass. It also includes food for funerals, receptions, and other church-supported activities.

Church Safeness & Crisis Intervention Ministry

The Church Safeness & Crisis Intervention Ministry prohibits any possible hazards around our church and its properties and provides a safe environment for worship and other church-related events.

Missionary Ministry

The missionary ministry exists to minister to the physical conditions and hardships of our members and the community. We assist our sick and bereaved members with their needs and provide them with food, clothes, and needed items.

Scholarship Ministry

The scholarship ministry exists to provide basic knowledge of the College Admissions process through workshops and other related sessions. We aim to ensure that young people know about the various opportunities to pursue a higher education. We realize not everyone is interested in attending a four-year institution, so we introduce and provide information for alternative educational avenues. Whether it is vocational or technical schools, we are committed to providing resources and knowledge so students can make informed and sound choices when choosing a college and career path.

Intercessory Prayer Ministry

The Intercessory Prayer Ministry exists to intentionally seek God for the needs of the church, the church families, the community, the body of Christ, those who are in authority in our world, and our ministry partners, and to expect God's miraculous powers to be displayed. Join us online on Tuesday evenings to pray.

Transportation Ministry

The transportation ministry exists to assist persons in getting to functions and worship services. Rides are provided via the church van and member pick-up. Persons requesting transportation should telephone the church office no later than one day before the event they wish to attend.

Grow and Serve Ministry

Grow and Serve Ministry exists to involve New Canaan's disciples in various ministries that deeply touch the lives of our neighbors. Our partnership with our neighbors provides an avenue for service driven by Jesus' teaching to love our neighbor. Also, we regularly sponsor special days of service when many of our church family will work together on a significant project for the sake of the larger community.