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Church Community Business Directory


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ALCJR Enterprises, P.O. Box 4067, Midlothian, VA 23112  Owner: Arthur Comer
Antique & Vintage Jewelry Sales
Email: alcjr@verizon.net  Phone: 804-677-4557  Website: www.alcjr.com

Collector and seller of antique, vintage and contemporary cameos; designer and maker of gold and silver jewelry that bears our trademark (ALCJR). Our domestic and international connections with jewelry pickers, collectors and estate dealers allow us to find and offer you unique pieces that are available through our website.

Brackett's Tax Service, 1452 Farley Ct., Sandston, VA 23150  Owner: Carolyn Brackett
Tax Preparer
Email: brackettcarolyn@gmail.com  Phone: 804-339-8251

Prepare individual taxes, 1040 series and states. Assist with small business taxes, 940 and 941. Prepare W2's and 1099 and assist with bookkeeping. Educate on Tax Law and Procedures.

Maddison Electrical & HVAC, Richmond, VA  Owner: Mark Maddison
Electrical & Air Conditioning Services
Email: kazy268@gmail.com  Phone: 804-516-8384

Competent and courteous electrical and heating & air conditioning services provided at reasonable prices.

RDM Educational Group, Richmond, VA 23227  Director: Raynell McGee

Professional Development and Consulting Services

Email: rdmcgee@rdmeducationalgroup.com  Phone: 804-410-4230  Website: www.rdmeducationalgroup.com

This organization provides business training courses, lectures and professional development for all professionals. We also provide career coaching and individual and project logistical consulting. Our consultation, professional development and speaking fees are very reasonable.


Tara Tupperware, Richmond, VA 23224 Independent Consultant: Tara Howard
Tupperware Sales and Kitchen Consultation
Email: taratupperware10@gmail.com  Phone: 804-658-8233  Website: http://tarahoward.my.tupperware.com/
Provides tools and money-saving products for kitchen organization and storage to prolong the life of your food.

The Way of Life Virtual University, P.O. Box 13373, Richmond, VA 23225  Director: Rev. Margaret Minnicks
Religious Education
Email: REVMJM@aol.com  Phone: 804-232-4992  Website: www.twol-online.info
The Way of Life Online Certificate Program of Learning is a gateway for participants all over the world to complete courses at their own pace in the comfort of their homes or offices. No classroom work is required. Everything is done exclusively online.

Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry, Richmond, VA Consultant: Lois Paige
Jewelry, Handbags and more
Email: lbpaige1@verizon.net  Phone: 804-240-4069  Website: http://www.tracilynnjewelry.net/loispaige

The Traci Lynn Collection combines the quality, the style and the electricity that has a memorable experience. Every piece has a significant story. The unique jewelry names add refinement and delicacy of workmanship to each piece making them unforgettable. The Jewelry Collection is delivered through consultants via personal shopping & catalog or online. Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry is for you!

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